Many scale model builders use paper to create models. Why, you might ask?

The first answer to that would be the way itís completed. You start with a plain sheet of paper and under your hands it becomes a part of a car. The amount of time you spend on it doesnít matter much, though.

Here comes the second part of the answer. The result. Every time you look at the model you had built, youíll acknowledge how nice it looks. Nice and precious for you because it contains all your expertise, endurance and time. It contains a little part of you.

I wish you success and many hours well spent,
Tibor Nagy

High quality printable patterns to cut out and build paper scale models from.

Detailed assembly guidance for all cars. Youíll find the correct place for all parts.

All cars are tested and tried. You are guaranteed to be able to do it!

Over 250 enjoyable working hours. (around 50 hours for each car)

You can print and build the cars as many times as you want.

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